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How do I use Simple Jane Essentials?

Enhance your sexual pleasure by yourself or with a partner by applying 4-8 sprays directly onto the clitoris, inner and outer labia, and inside the vagina.

Since everyone reacts to THC differently, we encourage you to experiment to find the right method for you.

* It may be hard to wait once you apply Simple Jane, but plan for about 15 minutes or more of sensual massage or foreplay to feel full activation. 

What might I experience when using Simple Jane?

Since every woman reacts differently to topical THC products, the experience may vary from time to time. Most women immediately feel a sense of warmth, increased blood flow and tingling sensation.  Some women find it easier to reach orgasm or to have longer, more intense climaxes.

Will I feel high?

The majority of users do not report experiencing a psychoactive high when using Simple Jane topical products.

Do all Simple Jane products contain THC?

No. Because of the complicated state and federal laws regarding THC and CBD products, we created Cool Breeze which only contains essential oil and pure fractionated coconut oil.

Is Simple Jane legal? 

In order to be eligible to use Simple Jane's Wild Thing and Naked, you must have a physician statement and recommendation letter pursuant to California Health and Safety Code Section 1132.5 and Senate Bill 420

All other Simple Jane products are available and legally compliant in all 50 states. 

Is Simple Jane safe? 

Simple Jane products are made in a health regulated commercial kitchen in Southern California. We are committed to only using pure, all natural ingredients. Our carefully crafted recipes keep hormone and PH levels balanced for optimal health. Product testing is available upon request. 

Women with nut allergies or skin sensitivity issues should check with their Doctor before using any topical product. 

Can I use with a condom? 

Simple Jane products are made with coconut oil and are not recommended for use with latex condoms. 


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