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Meet Jane


Who is Jane? 

You know that woman you admire? The one with the great hair, or the coy smile, or the effortless walk and talk...What if that woman you always admire for these qualities...was you? You, with the sexy banter whispered to your lover, and the confident strut when you walk into your office. You are the woman we all admire.

You are Jane. 

And that’s how Simple Jane was born. We were inspired by women who live with extraordinary pleasure, in their ordinary lives.

We are Jane, too.

Angella Hamilton, Founder and Chief SassyAss 

Angella has spent the last decade in the health and wellness industry as a Personal Trainer, Tai Chi Instructor, and Women's Health Expert.  Her expertise has allowed her to teach in some of the most acclaimed resorts in the United States and has taught at numerous national women's health conferences. Angella started her quest for simple, all natural solutions to feel great and stay sexy after experiencing early menopause caused by a cancer diagnosis.  An overheard  conversation in a Colorado dispensary between two women talking about 'weed lube' inspired Simple Jane and the rest, they say is history ( in the making.) 


Chelsea has juggled careers in both the advertising and the wine industry before finding her way to the cannabis business. Having found an incredible amount of healing when she integrated cannabis into her active lifestyle, she now loves to help others create a healthy, sexy life with the benefits of CBD. Chelsea is your go-to sales gal for all things Simple Jane and comes with a few great stories to tell along the way. When she’s not working on building the “Hempire,” you can most likely find her testing out a new strain or cuddling up with her puppy, Scheff.


Life is good and getting better 
Join us on this journey and visit us online and in person as we host Soireés and Simple Spa Pop-Ups as we continually discover new ways to bring Simple Jane to women everywhere.   





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